As you may know, in Nepal, they use Nepali, or Nepali. There are over 120 languages which are spoken in Nepal, but more than two-thirds of Nepal speak Nepali. In Nepal, English is commonly spoken in main tourist areas. Guesthouses and travel agents in the cities all speak English, so it’s ok for tourists to wander around without knowing Nepali.Nepal Language - Useful Nepali Phrases and Words For Travelers

However, don’t you think that learning a little Nepali can be interesting, can further the enjoyment and can show respect to locals? Besides, basic Nepali is not difficult to learn, so, why not?

Basic Nepali Phrases For Travellers

Hello Namaste
What is your name? Tapaiko naam ke ho?
My name is … Mero naam …. ho?
How are you? Timlai sanchai cha?
Thank you. Dhanyabaad
Yes Hajur
No Chaina or Haina
Good Ramro
Bad Naramro
Clean Sapha
Dirty Phohar
Do you speak English? Tapaai Angreji bolnuhunchha?
I don’t understand Maile buhjina
Where is the toilet? Toilet kata cha?
How do I get to …? ….. kasari jhaane?
Left Baayaa
Right Dayaa
Straight ahead Sidha
I’m lost Ma haraye
Get lost/Go away! Yaha bata haat!
How much is this? Yes ko kati parchha?
Do you have rooms available? K tapai sanga kunau kotha upalabda cha?
I’m a vegetarian Ma masu kandina
I don’t eat pork Ma bangoor khaadina
Food Kanna
Water Paani
Tea Chiya
Coffee Coffee

Some Important Nepali Words

If you don’t have time to learn all of those Nepali phrases above, these are some most important words for you while visiting Nepal:
Hello – Namaste
Thank you – Dhanyabaad
How much is this? Yes ko kati parchha?
This is too expensive. – Yo ati mahanco cha

Some Useful Nepali Language Tips For Travellers

1. Tip 1: It is important for you to learn basic numbers if you want to bargain.
2. Tip 2: Listening to some MP3 phrases is a good way to start learning Nepalese Language
3. Tip 3: If a street kid harasses you, keep walking, maybe say Haina or Chaina in Nepalese language (no in English). You will only aggravate them if you make a fuss.