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The home to majestic Mount Everest, the ultimate destination for mountain-loving spirits, the dreamland of free, dignified souls and the perfect artwork created by Mother Nature and humans. All these words are used to described Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Be ready to completely fall in love with the imposing landscape, the stunning starry nights, the wind carrying mighty jungles’s breath, the sounds from various kinds of wild animals and the Nepali warm hearts. Everything in the land of “Roof of the World” has its unique beauty, voice and spirit, and maybe that’s the reason why travellers, once they come to Nepal, they will come back over and over again to explore every littlest thing.

Go Nepal Tours offers Kathmandu Nepal tours, vacation packages and all travel services. We also specialize in tailor-made Nepal tours for individuals, groups of all sizes and families. Contact us now and start planning a great Nepal vacation.

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Authentic Nepal Vacation .

Authentic Nepal Vacation

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Outstanding Nepal Trip Reviews

Outstanding Nepal Trip Reviews

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Nepal Classic Tours

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Group of four people trekking Nepal - Go Nepal Tours

Unforgettable Nepal Journey with Ms. Jodi - Your Travel Expert

Our Nepal adventure, orchestrated by Ms. Jodi of Go Nepal Tours, was simply extraordinary. We embarked on a private trip that was filled with amazing experiences. Our guide, handpicked by Ms. Jodi, was both professional and friendly, elevating our trekking experience. The company, led by Kishor, displayed remarkable flexibility and care from the beginning. I'd like to extend my gratitude to Risav and Pukar, who accompanied us throughout, ensuring our comfort and enhancing our journey.  Thank you all for creating such unforgettable memories!

David T. & Michael J.
Group of four people trekking Nepal - Go Nepal Tours

Amazing trip to Nepal

Had an amazing Nepal tours in July! We were a group  who visited Nepal in the middle of Jul 2023 for 3 weeks. Our tour was customized to cover Kathmandu, Pokhara , Jhomsom, Muktinath, Annapurna Base Camp. Your team was extremely prompt in getting back with emails and charted out our Itinerary as per our specifications. Would definitely recommend Go Nepal Tours to others and hope to see you all again.

Hamilton Group
First-time traveler visit Nepal - Go Nepal Tours

My 12 Days Nepal Tour Experience

After extensive research, I chose Go Nepal Tours for a 12-day guided tour and trekking adventure in Nepal with my friends. Ms. Lynn's prompt responses were reassuring from the start. Our guide, Rudra, was not only friendly and patient but also incredibly knowledgeable. We explored Kathmandu, Pokhara, and enjoyed a comfortable-paced trek to Poon Hill. Our local guides in Kathmandu and Pokhara were excellent, sharing deep insights into the culture and history. I'm already looking forward to our next Nepal adventure with Go Nepal Tours and Rudra as our guide. This agency has truly exceeded expectations.

Jasmine D.
Nepal Trekking & Photography - Go Nepal Tours

Life enriching first visit to Nepal

I found Go Nepal Tours and I must say they crafted our private tour of Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Bakhtapur and Poon Hill circuit trek perfectly. We only had 9 days in country so it was a very condensed trip. Everything was arranged ahead of time and very well organized. Tour guides were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Our trek guide Jaybir and porter Kobi were such beautiful, gentle souls. This trip, our first to Asia, was nothing short of life changing. Suzanne and I feel like we now have family in Nepal and are looking forward to our next visit. This is the best way to see this beautiful country without a doubt.

Ariel & Suzanne
Group of people trekking Nepal - Go Nepal Tours

Grand Nepal Round Trip

Our 09N/10D journey through Nepal surpassed all expectations, and it was all thanks to the exceptional planning and execution by Ms. Lynn of Go Nepal Tours. We explored Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Pokhara, with every moment being comfortable, enjoyable, and cost-effective. Ms. Lynn's expertise and attention to detail ensured a seamless journey, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in Nepal's beauty and culture. Her dedication made this trip truly unforgettable. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Lynn and Go Nepal Tours for an incredible experience, and we can't wait for our next adventure with them.

Waman Deore

Nepal Travel Highlights

Nepal Travel highlights

The Best of Nepal Travel

Have you ever fantasized about embarking on an adventure to Nepal or contemplated what it would be like to settle in this paradise for outdoor enthusiasts? Nepal's appeal as a travel destination is sometimes underestimated, possibly because some people see it as an extension of India, but that's far from the truth. Nepal boasts a captivating and unique history of its own. This country is blessed with the awe-inspiring Himalayan mountains, offering some of the most remarkable trekking experiences in Asia. Interestingly, Nepal is home to eight of the world's highest peaks out of the top ten. If you're considering exploring this breathtaking destination, Go Nepal Tours can help you plan your perfect trip.

Nepal tours - transportation in Nepal


When it comes to transportation options in Nepal, Go Nepal Tours tailors your choices to match your specific travel itinerary and the regions you intend to explore. We prioritize local transportation alternatives and traditional modes of travel whenever possible. Not only do they have a lower environmental impact, but they also support local businesses and enhance your travel experience. You can consider various options:

  1. Buses: A popular choice for traveling between major tourist destinations. They are comfortable and reliable.

  2. Microbuses and Minivans: Common for shorter city routes, providing speed and convenience.

  3. Taxis: Available in urban areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Negotiate fares upfront.

  4. Jeep and 4WD Tours: For remote and rugged areas, especially during treks, use 4WD vehicles or jeeps.

Trust Go Nepal Tours for the best transportation solutions tailored to your itinerary, and explore Nepal with our destination Nepal tours and travels.


Nepal cuture - explore the festival in nepal tours

Culture & Custom

Nepal's culture, customs, and traditions are a captivating fusion of ancient rituals and contemporary influences, forming a vibrant tapestry that reflects the country's profound cultural heritage. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Himalayas, Nepal's customs are deeply rooted in its diverse ethnic groups, each contributing unique practices and beliefs to the nation's collective identity. From the sacred ceremonies of Hinduism and Buddhism to the lively festivals that adorn its streets, Nepal's customs stand as a testament to its enduring cultural legacy. As travelers embark on their journey through this enchanting land with Go Nepal Tours, they will encounter the warmth of its people and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of customs that continue to shape the lives of its inhabitants, offering an authentic experience of Nepal's rich culture, customs, and traditions.

Eating & Drinking

When you travel in Nepal with Go Nepal Tours, don't miss the chance to explore the country's rich culinary scene. Try these local delights at eateries and restaurants:

  1. Dal Bhat: Nepal's essential meal, featuring rice and lentil soup with various side dishes.

  2. Momo: Popular dumplings with various fillings, from savory to sweet.

  3. Newari Cuisine: Indulge in momo, yomari, and bara, traditional dishes from the Kathmandu Valley.

  4. Sel Roti: Enjoy this unique rice-based doughnut, perfect for snacking.

  5. Gundruk: Try fermented leafy greens, a staple side dish in Nepali cuisine.

With Go Nepal Tours, you'll experience the best of Nepal's cuisine during your journey.

Weather in Nepal - Nepal tours is the best vacation (1)

Best Time to Visit Nepal

When planning your travel with Go Nepal Tours, consider the best times to visit Nepal for an optimal experience. Autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) offer ideal weather, clear mountain vistas, and picturesque landscapes. While winter (December to February) presents fewer crowds and lower costs, it can be chilly. Monsoon/summer (June to August) brings heavy rainfall and travel complexities, but it also blankets rain-shadow regions in lush greenery. Your choice should align with your interests and preferences, ensuring a memorable journey in Nepal.

Shopping in Nepal - Nepal tours - nepal vacation


Shopping in Nepal's vibrant markets is a culturally enriching and exciting experience, and with Go Nepal Tours, you can explore the best shopping destinations. Here are some popular items to consider:

  1. Handmade Souvenirs: Nepal is renowned for its intricate handicrafts, offering colorful thangka paintings, woodcarvings, metalwork, and pottery, perfect for souvenirs and gifts.

  2. Clothing and Textiles: Dive into local markets and shops to discover traditional Nepali attire, including dhaka topis (traditional hats), pashmina shawls, and beautifully embroidered fabrics.

  3. Tibetan Carpets: Find high-quality Tibetan carpets with intricate designs, combining functionality and artistry.

  4. Statues and Sculptures: Nepal's fame for religious sculptures and statues, particularly those of Buddhist and Hindu deities, presents an array of options, from small figurines to larger-than-life pieces.

  5. Tea and Spices: Savor Nepali teas, like Ilam tea and Himalayan tea, and explore an assortment of spices such as cardamom and saffron.

With Go Nepal Tours, you can navigate the bustling Nepal shopping market to discover these remarkable treasures and take home a piece of Nepal's rich culture.

Nepal Festival - You should try in Nepal Tours, Nepal Vacation

Highlight Festivals & Events

Nepal, in partnership with Go Nepal Tours, is renowned for its vibrant festivals and cultural events, providing a captivating glimpse into its rich traditions. Here are some famous festivals and events you can experience:

  1. Dashain: Dashain stands as Nepal's most significant and widely celebrated festival, spanning 15 days to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. Families unite to seek blessings, exchange gifts, and perform various rituals. A central tradition is the offering of tika (blessings) and jamara (sacred barley) by elders to younger family members. Dashain typically falls in September or October, filling the air with joy and togetherness.

  2. Tihar (Deepawali): Tihar, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a five-day Hindu festival dedicated to animals and their role in our lives. Each day of Tihar is dedicated to a different animal, from crows to cows and oxen. Homes are adorned with vibrant rangoli designs, oil lamps, and marigold garlands. A highlight is the worship of the goddess Laxmi, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Tihar usually takes place in October or November, offering a beautiful celebration of gratitude and reverence.

With Go Nepal Tours, you can partake in these current events and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Nepal's cultural heritage.

Everything you should know in Nepal tours, Nepal vacation

Health & Safety

Go Nepal Tours makes each precaution to make sure the Bhutan vacations are safe, enjoyable, and fun for everyone. The company takes the health and safety of its visitors carefully. Nepal is generally a safe destination for travelers, and millions visit the country each year without encountering significant safety issues. However, like any travel destination, it's important to be aware of certain considerations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We advise all passengers to get the most recent information prior to boarding from their local government or regional travel guide agency.

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