Nepal Opens for Tourism – Foreigners Can Visit Nepal on October

Nepal Opens for Tourism – Foreigners Can Visit Nepal on October


Go Nepal Tours hope you all well and healthy thus far.

The COVID-19 pandemic had paused the world for months. Given the restrictions and protocols although most of the industry has resumed through time, the tourism industry in Nepal remained shut ever since the pandemic has been declared.

The busiest streets of the major tourist hub in the heart of Kathmandu; Thamel went through a pin drop silence for almost 8 months now. As off all the travelers who have planned to visit the Himalayas in 2020 had to postpone their trip to the hopeful following year.

Announcement of Reopening Tourism of Nepal Government

On 16 Sept, 2020 the cabinet meeting held by the government of Nepal, has declared to resume the tourism industry by allowing all the tourism activities following proper health and safety measures. The cabinet passed the decision to allow the international tourists by resuming the On-arrival visa service from 17 October, 2020.

A Guideline When Nepal Opens for Tourism

The guideline has instructed the tourists arriving in Nepal are required to obtain a PCR Test with a COVID-19 Negative remark; not older than 72 hours. Tourist with the negative PCR report are not bound to any kind of quarantine or self-isolation upon their arrival in Nepal and shall be able to continue the journey for their further destination in Nepal, adopting the safety measures and following the health and sanitization guidelines of WHO.

The travel agents, guides, Sherpas, mountain workers and anyone else associated with the tourism industry of Nepal have been waiting with a hope to resume their livelihood in conjunction with the opening of the tourism again in Nepal.

Nepal got the opportunity to welcome the Prince of Bahrain; Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa leading an 18-member team on an expedition to climb the Lobuche Peak and Mt. Manaslu. The country has expected a positive message to go around the world from this expedition that the safety measures have been adopted by the tourism activity operators in Nepal.

About the Reopening of Nepal Tourism

With regards to the decision made by the Government of Nepal and following the guidelines of WHO, we, Go Nepal Tours would like to commit to resume providing all the necessary service and guidance to you and to all the visitors who are willing to travel to Nepal.

Till the time, we are continuing the training the Go Nepal Tours staffs including guides, Sherpas, drivers, cooks, mountain workers and all the field staffs, regarding the health and safety protocols to adopt and to provide to the travelers during the tours in Nepal. With this we can assure to provide a safe and an amazing trip experience as it always has been.

Thank you, keep guard and stay safe. We hope to see you soon in Nepal.

With all our best wishes and prayers from Kathmandu.