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Nepal Adventure Tours | Adventure Holiday in Nepal 2024 – 2025

Without getting up every day and go out to work, we all have our own dreams that we always try our best to pursue, even we can take so many risks from it. I remember when I was 16 my father told me that  I can do anything I want with my life because one day I will leave this world behind so, live a life I will remember.  That is what I have decided to live till I die cause these are the days that I won’t regret.  To be honest, I really big on something adventurous so I always try my best to pursue my hobby even when I travel abroad. If we share the same taste and you are looking for a destination to enjoy where you can do lots of adventurous activities, why don’t you go to Nepal?

Your adventure tours in Nepal will be so much more joyful when you go with us. Our ready-made Nepal Adventure Tours are specially designed to suit everybody but, if you have your own interest, just tell us then our experts will customize the best adventure tours for you to indulge in your Nepal tour packages.

The Most Exciting Activities for Your Nepal Adventure Tours

Have you ever felt lost in the monotony of life in the concrete jungle? Have you ever looked for a life beyond the pleasures of the fast pace in the modern age? Are you young and chasing a life that is wild and free? Well, If you get 3 yes, let travel to Nepal where is the real paradise for those who are adventurous lovers. Coming to Nepal and the country will give you the right place to just let loose, to leave all the anxiety and sorrow behind to enjoy hundreds of adventurous activities and indulging yourself in the panoramic views of nature surrounding. Well, do not waste your time anymore, here are some awesome activities that you should try on your Nepa adventure tours. Let’s start.


The first adventurous activity, also the one above all – paragliding is the best experience that can not be missed once enjoying an adventure in Nepal. If you want to break the monotony of life, then try out paragliding in Pokhara that offers you the out-of-the-world experience while floating with the wind amidst the most wonderful landscape. I once enjoyed it and to be honest, I have no word to describe that moment when I flew like a bird. Enjoy it and your Nepal adventure tours will be the most memorable thing that you have ever had in your life. paragliding - nepal adventure tour packages

Ultralight Flight

Another way to fly like a real bird, Ultralight Flight will give you an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque of the whole city while being up above it. All you need to do is just to sit and let your soul and the sensational scenery roll into one. Overall, this exhilarating experience is sure to leave a deep impression about your Nepal adventure tours you enjoy. ultralight flight - nepal adventure tour

Hang Gliding

I have to say that, Nepal is really a paradise for those who want to be real birds. The third adventurous activity allowing you to float in the air, Hang Gliding, will give you a memorable experience about Nepal adventure. Can you imagine how fascinating it would be when you ride your own plane without any disturbance? Even you can or cannot, just travel to Nepal and try it because you deserve to experience a thing like that. Hang gliding - nepal adventure tours

Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump might not unfamiliar to people across the world but, trust me, it is totally different from others when you once enjoy this sensational activity in Nepal. The fact there are 2 spots for you to enjoy bungee jump. The most popular one is the Last resort situated just a few kilometers away from all the city where you will jump amidst the impressive scenery. Stand at the edge of a bridge above one of the deepest gorges of the Bhotekoshi river, you then experience the longest free-falling of your life as you make your way down to the sparkling river. Bungee Jumping - nepal adventure


Enjoy an adventure tour in Nepal, how can we miss an opportunity to enjoy a trekking trip, a very famous adventurous activity in the country, through the lush forests, trails providing majestic vistas of Nepal’s beauty at the high altitude? En route, you will be encouraged by the lush of the hilly regions or the snow-capped peaks, sparkling glaciers, lakes, and mountain in the base camps at the higher altitude. trekking - best adventure tours in nepal

Rock Climbing

Besides trekking, this one would be an activity that you should not miss on your Nepal adventure tours. There is a wide range of climbing sites for everyone from beginners to intermediate and professional climbers. Once enjoying, you will surely experience some of the hair-raising spots that will challenge your physical and mental endurance. When you are done, it will feel like you have accomplished something really awesome. To me, rock climbing is an inspiration showing that no matter how you get stuck in a rough time, you will definitely overcome it. rock climbing - best nepal adventure tours

Mountain Biking

For those who want to break the physical limits, just try out the mountain biking in Nepal. There are many bike routes from graveled to bumpy and rough trails, in different cities for you to choose from. Setting against the stunning valley and impressive mountains, the bike routes are best covered on bikes. On the way of exploring the wilderness by bike, you can witness beautiful flowers, animals along the way. So, after everything, I have to say that mountain biking is a perfect combination of adventure and natural & cultural sightseeing. mountain biking - adventure tours in nepal

Jungle Safari

At first, it might not be something adventurous but, when you get the wildest experience, it totally will be that. The jungle safari would be an opportunity to encounter the real wildlife in life as you will bump into various animal species like one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, tigers and many other exotic ones chilling out in their habitat. The Chitwan National Park and the Bardia National Park are the two best places offering such an amazing like that. Enjoy it and your Nepal adventure tours will be so much perfect. jungle safari - nepal adventure tours

River Rafting

To me, rafting is one of the best activities that each traveler should spend time on Nepal adventure. Can you imagine how thrilling it would be when you flow the rafting trail, get wet, and go through the rapids from the Himalayas? On the rafting trail, you can also witness the beautiful vistas of the snow-capped mountains in Nepal. river rafting - nepal adventure trip


This one is one of the best things to do on my adventure tours in Nepal, I swear. I highly recommend you trying canyoning at least once in life because it is an opportunity for you to explore the deep ravines, majestic waterfalls, and rock slides. The most fascinating part will occur when you complete as you will fall into the clear turquoise ponds. That is really cool. canyoning - nepal adventure

Nepal Adventure Tours | Best Time for Adventure Activities

If you are adventure lovers and want to experience thrilling activities, nothing better than Nepal where you can try bungee jumping, white-water rafting, paragliding, or even skydive... The point is what is the best time to visit Nepal for adventure activities? In fact, there is no best time for every activity when you enjoy Nepal adventure tours; however, in my point of view, Autumn seems to be the best choice to totally cover up all the adventurous activities.

Spring Season for Nepal Adventure Tours

This is the best time for bungee jumping and zipline because they can be run throughout the season. For those who are interested in white-water rafting, congratulations, spring marks the start of these thrilling activities. Finally, paragliding and micro flights are also available but sometimes, they can be canceled due to rain or haze. Spring season for nepal adventure tours

Summer Season for Adventure Tours in Nepal

Honestly, the summer season is not really good for enjoying adventure activities. The fact that rainfalls dramatically increase; thus, rafting is not popular during this season. Also, paragliding and micro flights are not available because they are often canceled because of heavy rain. However, summer is still wonderful for traveling in the rain shadow area. The best activities that you can enjoy on your Nepal adventure tours in summer are mountain biking, rock climbing. Several favorable regions I highly recommend you to visit Mustang and Langtang. summer season for adventure tours in nepal

Autumn Season for Nepal Adventure Tour Packages

For those looking for the peak season for adventure activities in Nepal, here it is. Autumn is actually the best time to enjoy adventure tours in Nepal as the weather is mild with a clear blue sky throughout months. During this period, all adventure activities such as rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, or even skydiving are available. One thing you should keep in mind that during autumn time, you won’t be alone experiencing these activities because adventure spots will be crowded. autumn season for nepal adventure tour packages