Patan Attractions | Best Places to Visit in Patan

Patan Attractions

Perhaps, Kathmandu – the capital city in Nepal, is the main tourist destination for every visitor to Nepal; however, on my Nepal vacation, nowhere left me a deep impression like Patan did. It is a really great destination for travelers spending time discovering lots of attractions in Patan. From ancient temples to impressive buildings, all these things seem to be a time-machine offering you a back-in-time trip to the time when people did not live a very fast pace of life. Do not waste your time anymore. If you are in Patan and wonder what is the best Patan attraction that you have to visit, here you are.

Top 5 Religious Attractions in Patan

Patan Durbar Square

Talking about Nepal, we cannot ignore the three main attractions of it – the three Durbar Squares, and in Patan, the attraction that you should not miss is Patan Durbar Square. It is famous for being the ancient Royal Palace where give you the right atmosphere to be overwhelmed in an era bygone. Once in this wonderful Durbar Square, you can spend hours strolling around, getting an insight into the Newari architecture and feeling something sacred in your mind. For those who do not know, the Patan Durbar Square is one of the World Heritage Sites in Nepal recognized by UNESCO.

patan durbar square - best places to see in patan

Patan Gate

Stepping through the Patan Gate, you seem to transcend into the world that existed centuries ago. The Golden Patan Gate, a gilded gateway installed approximately 3 centuries ago, is the way connecting the outside world to the Patan Museum where you will find many artifacts and displays from all around the world. If you visit this Patan attraction, make sure that the beauty of it will be kept in your camera.

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The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple or Hiranya Varna Mahavihar is one of the most beautiful spiritual attractions in Patan where makes your tour to Nepal be more exciting than you could imagine. Enter the temple, you can see elaborate carvings, worshippers and the smoke of incenses spread over the area. One thing that you should not miss when visiting the Golden Temple is to witness the elephant structures and religious artworks consisting of the impressive painting of goddess Arya Tara.

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Taleju Bell

When Nepal was under the control of the Kings, grievances were not able to be solved via a toll-free, customer care number and instead, these problems were got to the bottom of them by the Taleju Bell. The huge bell hangs between two stout pillars which provide access to be rung. The fact that the Taleju Bell was broken in 2015 due to the heavy earthquake; however, the pavilion stayed intact.

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Jagan Narayana Temple

If you ask me what is the thing that Nepal is famous for without mountain, my answer absolutely will be this attraction – Jagan Narayana Temple. The temple is the place honoring Lord Vishnu – the Hindu God of protection who is well-known as Hari revered in the temple. Once there, you will witness the temple followed pagoda style which is heavily detailed reflecting the carvings from a bygone age. If you are Hindus or not but still interested in Hinduism, this place is an ideal destination to discover Hinduism culture.

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The Best 5 Recommended Patan Attractions

Mangal Bazaar

Where can be a perfect attraction for a shopaholic spend on while enjoying a trip to Patan? Mangal Bazaar, definitely! It is an ideal destination if you want to spend a whole day to go shopping where converges a large number of small vendor stalls selling many local products. It is also a chance for you to get an insight into the daily life of the Nepali.

mangal bazaar - patan tourist attraction

Patan Museum

This place was the former residence of the Malla Kings; however, this Patan attraction now is home to some of the finest collections of art. The museum is famous for its symbolism, art, and architecture. I recommend you should spend at least an hour to totally enjoy the beauty and value converged in the place. Furthermore, the Patan museum is close to other attraction in Patan – Mangal Bazaar; hence, after spending time here, you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of that neighboring attraction.

patan museum - best attractions in patan

Godavari Botanical Garden

If one asks me the reason why Nepal is widely visited by lots of people all around the world, I have to say that it is because of the natural wonders in this country. Is that clear for you? If it is not, just head to one of the most beautiful attractions in Patan – the Godavari Botanical Garden and then, you will understand why. Of course, this garden is full of trees and so many of flora and once there, you will be given the right atmosphere to just let loose and have a perfect picnic. One thing I have to tell you that you should avoid going to such a place on every Friday and Saturday because the place will be full of students these days.

godavari botanical garden - patan nepal attractions

The Central Zoo

The truth that the Central zoo is the only one in Nepal where houses over 100 animal species. Once there, it is a valuable opportunity to bump into over 35 endangered local species consisting of Royal Bengal Tigers and Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Also, it is a real paradise for bird-watchers.

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Patan Industrial Estate

This is the center of the tourist area where you can find there a large number of handicraft items that are sold from all over the world. Also, there will be several workshops or showrooms that you can see the most delicately crafted carpets, wooden carvings, and metalwork. If you are not interested in them, the Patan Industrial Estate also converges lots of other products which skillfully made by artists.