What are the best restaurants in Kathmandu? I know whoever comes to Nepal always has this question in their mind. In fact, the capital city – Kathmandu offers vast eat out options ranging from hole-in-the-wall restaurants to luxurious ones. Once enjoying Nepal Tours, you can experience several restaurants serving both local and international cuisines. So, don’t waste your time anymore. Below, I will list the best restaurants in Kathmandu for you to enjoy.

Top 3 Budget Restaurants in Kathmandu


It is not exaggerating to consider OR2K is the best restaurants in Kathmandu. Is food cheap? Yes, it is. Is food delicious? Definitely yes. You won’t find any others where serves amazing food at a reasonable price like this restaurant. The OR2K restaurant is well-organized and spacious. Once there, besides tasting very good food, you can also get into a cheerful ambiance. I highly recommend this place to try.
Location: Sagarmatha Bazar – Kathmandu – Nepal
Food Must Try: Cheese Platter, Hummus Tahini, Baba Ganesh, Tomales Home Apple Pie

or2k - restaurants in kathmandu

Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop

Nightlife in Kathmandu can be perfect with this place as it is a cozy and youthful space to try some food, coffee, and wine. Remember when I visited Nepal, this restaurant was the first one I spent time having dinner. I ordered sausage and mash and when I received and tasted them, it was fantastic. Food was good but the price was really for a song. The staff in this restaurant were hospitable and very helpful in helping me to order some food. Without any hesitation. I would like to recommend this to you.
Location: Thamel Marg – Kathmandu 44601 – Nepal
Food Must Try: Thai Curry, Rosemary Chicken, Australian Lamb, Organic Salad

Melrose Restaurant & Bar

In the tourist hub of Kathmandu – Thamel, there will be a very good restaurant. In Melrose Restaurant & Bar, you will an opportunity to try Italian delicacies in the open-air courtyard. Desert menu has amazing chocolate cake and bar menu has a quite good collection of drinks including Nepal beers. This Kathmandu restaurant is a place that you can spend on and enjoy a peaceful evening, have some deep talk, and most importantly, taste some mouthwatering food there.
Location: 350, Amrit – Kathmandu 44600 – Nepal
Food Must Try: Prosciutto Caprese, Carnivore Pizza, Salade Du Chef, Ravioli Pesto

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Top 3 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

Old House Restaurant

Dining is not just a thing you do to satisfy your hunger, it is also an art. If you are looking for a place that you both can enjoy such things, the Old House Restaurant is a perfect choice for you. When you come to this place, you will fall in love with the perfect blend of the modern and ancient atmosphere. The restaurant serves the French and Asian cuisine that I am sure that will win your heart.
Once visited the Old House Restaurant, I did taste scrumptious dishes with good wines. The staff and kitchen were responsive to special requests.
Location: Jyatha Marg – Kathmandu 44600 – Nepal
Food Must Try: The Beetroot Ostrich Steak, Mediterranean, Goat Cheese Ball

old house - best restaurant in kathmandu

Third Eye Restaurant

Vividly remember when I visited the Third Eye restaurant – one of the best restaurants in Kathmandu, I was surprised at its impressive decoration as the restaurant uses unique luxury furniture made of wood to make the classic woodhouse ambiance. This restaurant is cozy and it serves pretty delicious food. The staff, without a doubt, are well-trained and hospitable. If I had to say, I love this restaurant.
Location: J.P Road – Kathmandu 44600 – Nepal
Food Must Try: Chicken Makhani, Fish Mamtaj, Mushroom Soup with Cheese, Tournedos Rossini Steak

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Little Italy

Its name, somehow, tell you what you will be served here, right? Yes, visiting this very best restaurant in Kathmandu, you will experience its amazing Italian cuisine. Besides tasting Italian dishes, you are likely transcended to an Italian vibe, I believe. The romantic light and well-organized seats make Little Italy be a memorable dining spot in Kathmandu
Location: 364 KA – Kamaladi Sadak – Kathmandu – Nepal
Food Must Try: Patate Taormina, Melazane Arrosto, Crostini Rustici Zucchini In Carpione