If one asks me which city in Nepal that I like most, and yes – it must be Pokhara, the city of lakes. Without doubt, I consider this chilled-out lakeside city is the most beautiful and peaceful city because of its romantic lakeside views along with the breathtaking vistas of mountain ranges covering around. Not only me but you and others, I believe, all love the feeling of being unperturbed while indulging yourselves in tranquil ambiance with a cup of café. Due to that, I would like to mention several the best coffee shops in Pokhara for you to enjoy on your memorable Nepal vacation packages. What I am going to share with you below are just my personal opinion.

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Top 4 Awesome Coffee Shops in Pokhara

AM/ PM Organic Coffee

One of the best coffee shops in Pokhara due to its wonderful ambiance, coffee & food. I was surprised when I visited the AM/ PM Organic Coffee as they don’t have plastic straws for drinking but have copper suppers for the same. As far as I know, it is their great resolve to protect the environment. Vividly remember that I had cheesecake and a smoothie bowl for my friend and both of them were delicious.

am pm organic coffee - coffee shop in pokhara

White Rabbit Coffee

Once spend your time getting into this coffee shop, there will be one word that you can say about it: wonderful. White Rabbit Coffee has great coffee, absolutely, along with scrumptious food. I highly recommend you to try sandwiches here. It is amazing, I promise. Along with sandwiches, the espresso is pretty good with 100% organic arabica beans. Overall, this Pokhara coffee shop is a well-worth place you should visit.

You and I

What you can find in this coffee shop is not just good café, you are also able to an art space featuring eclectic artwork including the local emerging artists & abroad, and a paradise for visitors in need of some TLC. If you are a big reader, congratulations because once there, you can spend hours reading books in the library. The You and I coffee shop is a perfect destination for enjoying a cup of café and staring out onto the lake which seems to be the English seaside.

You and I coffee - pokhara coffee shops

Himalayan Java

If you are looking for a good of joe or chocolate chip cookie, you then count on Himalayan Java. One of my favorite points here is that I enjoy a very good view of Phewa Lake while immersing myself in the cozy ambiance and a good drink. For those who are FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the Himalayan Java provides you the free wifi. Also, you can find some light food there but if you are really hungry, you can head to OR2K for a heavy meal.

himalayan java - best pokhara cafe

The 4 Recommended Coffee Shops in Pokhara

Machhapuchhre Organic Coffee

Lauded among the locals, Machhapuchhre Organic Coffee is one of the top-notch coffee shops in Pokhara supplying high-quality coffee to many major establishments in Pokhara. The way to reach this coffee shop is quite complicated because you will pass it unless you strolling up Baidam Road. As it is off on Durbar Marg Lane, just simply up from Hallan Chowk. Although it is a little bit hard to come to there, the Macchapuchhre Organic Coffee is still worth if you want to buy high-altitude coffee beans as the shop offers two options including medium and dark roast from 700 to 750 Nepali rupees ($7) for 500 gr.

macchapuchhre organic coffee

Espresso Workshop

As it was opened in early 2018, the hip and edgy Espresso Workshop is definitely a barista training workshop from Himalayan Java. You can go there and support the talented students by ordering some of your favorite espressos.

espresso workshop - pokhara cafe

Perky Beans

As far as I have known, the locals love Perky Beans as it is the only coffee shop in Pokhara on my list onwing a stunning outdoor seating area with a romantic view of the lake. Not only serving café, but the Perky Beans also offers you an all-day breakfast including muesli, pancakes, croissant sandwiches, chapatti wraps). Takeaway coffee is available there. All you need to do is to pay 10 Nepali rupees extra. If you opt to take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee, a stunning vista of the sparkling lake and a very good free-wifi will be waiting to warmly welcome you.

perky coffee - best coffee shop in pokhara

Café Evoke

Cafes Evoke has 2 units as one in Kathmandu and another one is in Pokhara. Although the Café Evoke in Kathmandu is more renowned, its brother in Pokhara is still awesome offering tasty espresso-based from Americanos to frappés as well as tea from Ilam. This Pokhara coffee shop also offers a selection of savory items like veggie wraps, falafel, and hummus.

cafe evoke - best pokhara coffee shops