Climate Regions in Nepal

Due to the fact of Nepal geography, the climate in such the country is divided into 5 climatic zones that are the sub-tropical and tropical zones (below 1.200m), the temperate zone (1.200m to 2.400m), the cold zone (2.400m to 3.600m), the subarctic climatic zone (3.600m to 4.400m), and the frigid zone (above 4.400m). Nepal has a wide range of altitude ranging from 70m up to 8848m above the sea level. The geography in Nepal has separated the country into three main regions that are the Mountainous Region, the Himalayan Region, and the Terai Region.

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Types of Climate in Nepal

The Himalayas mountain stretching across the northern part of Nepal from east to west plays an essential role in the climatic alteration. Besides the climatic factor, the altitude of Nepal also affects the vegetation pattern and precipitation. There are actually 4 types of climate in Nepal which are pre-monsoon, summer monsoon, post-monsoon, and winter monsoon. Talking about the monsoon, the summer monsoon and winter monsoon rarely occur in Nepal. Summer monsoon begins from June with rainfall constantly concurs and ends in September and during this period, the moisture-laden air blow from the Bengal bay bringing bursts out the summer monsoon in Nepal on the northwest. However, in the winter, the Himalayas mountain range prevents the cold air condition from inner Asia from reaching the southern Nepal which causes Nepal to dry in winter. The northern of the spectacular Himalayan mountain, especially the Tibetan plateaus, has very few rainfalls during this season; thus, making this region drier than others, whereas the eastern and southern slope receives large rainfall caused by the moisture due to the gradual increase of the slopes.

Types of climate in nepal
Talking in more detail about the 4 types of climate in Nepal, the pre-monsoon season concurs between the April to May with a high temperature that can be up to 40 degree Celsius in the lowland of the nation. The summer monsoon happens from June to September with lightning and thunderstorm and during this period, the precipitation decreases from southeast to northwest region. The post-monsoon occurs from September to mid-October and in this season, no rain appears making a cool and dry condition in the country up to December. However, from December onwards, the winter monsoon brings a few precipitations in lowlands and snowfall in the high land that is caused by the strong North easterlies wind.

Nepal Climate – Good season for trekking

The fact that visiting Nepal without enjoying a trekking trip is really a mistake. But, what is the best season for the best trekking trip? In fact, you can literally trek all year round because each season has its own feature to enjoy. Let’s check it out.

Autumn (September – November)

This season is considered the best time for trekking in Nepal as it offers the excellent climate and stunning vistas overwhelmed in a vibrant atmosphere where the cloud drifted, leaving the clear blue sky behind. However, there will be occasional short storms that, perhaps, dump snow at the high altitude.

autumn - good season for trekking nepal

Winter (December – February)

It is no doubt that the weather is cold in winter, but it is colder at night especially at the high altitude where your camp base located. However, during the day time, it is a clear blue sky with the fresh air condition and relatively fewer trekkers on the trail. All these things make winter becomes a really good season for trekking.

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Spring (March – May)

For those loving the pink color and lively ambiance, spring will be a haunting paradise for them with a variety of wildflowers, especially rhododendrons stretching across the hillside. The climate is mildly warm at lower elevations and cool when you hike up to higher and absolutely, you will see how amazing the country is when marveling at the breathtaking vistas of the mountain ranges.

spring - good season for trekking nepal

Summer (June – August)

This period offers a vibrant atmosphere when the higher valleys and meadows blossom with wildflowers and lush green vegetation, then trekking through these gorgeous parts can be so exciting. I recommend you enjoy some trekking trails like Upper Mustang Trek or Dolpo Trek that are ideal trekking selections in this season.
So, in short, if you want to find out more about Nepal climate, click here to have useful information about the best time to visit Nepal for your best Nepal Tours.

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