Nepal National Symbols and Meanings

Nepal National Symbols and Meanings

Whoever asks me what is a thing that can express the unique feature of the nation clearly, my answer, without doubt, is its national symbols. Every country must have their own symbols that are the first things coming to foreigners’ mind whenever they think about those countries, so how about Nepal? In fact – yes, it has. In your Nepal tours, you might have a chance to bump into lots of national symbols in such the beautiful country and If you don’t mind, I myself and this article will give you a hand to gain the insight into the Nepal national symbols.

The National Flag of Nepal

What is Special about the National Flag of Nepal?

Whenever I think about Nepal, the first thing comes to my mind is its national flag not only because it is one of the most important Nepal symbols but it has a unique thing that is different from others to the rest of the world. Have you ever seen the national flag of Nepal? If the answer is yes, I’m sure that you can notice immediately the difference in shape.

National Flag of Nepal

The Nepal flag is the only flag which is non-quadrilateral in the world and that’s what makes it special. The flag is based on 2 different pennants belonged to the branches of the Rana dynasty, the dynasty running the country before. Before 1902, it wasn’t adopted as Nepal national flag. When a constitutional form of government was established, this flag was adopted as a national symbol of Nepal.

The Meaning Behind Nepal National Flag

The blue border reflects the peace and harmony in Nepal while the crimson red, Nepal national color, is a symbol of the bravery of Nepali citizens. The two triangles symbolize the mountains of majestic Himalayan. The celestial bodies represent the perpetuation and the belief that Nepal will remain strong as long as the sun and the moon.

nepal national symbol flag

The moon expresses the Nepali calmness, while the sun is the symbol of fierceness. Also, the moon, somehow, represents the pleasant and mild weather while the sun is the symbol of the heat and the higher temperature.

Another Interpretation

The flag’s shape, in another belief, is the symbol of a pagoda in Nepal according to the observation of Nepali people. If we place a mirror on the opposite side, an image of the pagoda will be generated. It means that Nepal and Nepali people will always coexist with the sun and the moon.

The National Emblem of Nepal

Another important symbol in Nepal, the national emblem of Nepal was changed on 28 May 2008. The new emblem follows the style of socialist heraldry.

National Emblem of Nepal - Nepal symbols

Features of Nepal Emblem

The emblem of Nepal contains the national flag of Nepal on the top, Mount Everest, green hills, which is the symbol of the hilly regions of Nepal. The yellow color is the symbol of the Terai region. Also, there are two holding hands of a man and a woman symbolizing the gender equality. A striking feature is a garland of red Rhododendron, which is the national flower of Nepal. A silhouette in white in Nepal’s shape is on top. At the base of the emblem is a red scroll carrying Nepal national motto.

The National Motto of Nepal

The national motto of Nepal: जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपी गरीयसी (jananī janmabhūmiśca svargādapi garīyasī), which is “Mother and Motherlands are greater than heaven” in English.

The National Bird and Animal of Nepal

The National Bird of Nepal – Lophophorus Impejanus

The national bird of Nepal is the Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus impejanus), which is also called Impeyan pheasant or Impeyan monal and in Nepal, it is known as the danphe.

National Bird and Animal of Nepal - National symbols of Nepal

The National Animal of Nepal – Cow

The national animal of Nepal is the cow, which is the sacred animal of Hindus. Many people did suggest the famous one-horned Rhino as their national animal; however, in the end, the government still concluded that cow would be their final choice.

cow is a national symbol of nepal

The National Flower of Nepal Rhododendron

Rhododendron is one of national symbols of Nepal which is known as the Nepal national flower. Rhododendron has approx. 1000 species and each of them has showy and beautiful flowers. This Nepal nation flower – Rhododendron is found in hilly regions and bloom in the spring. Rhododendron can be used for medicinal purpose.

The National Flower of Nepal symbol - Rhododendron

National Language Nepal – Nepali Language

Nepali language is the national language in Nepal. The origin place of Nepali language is Jumla which is a rural district of Nepal. But in fact, Nepali language has huge influence of Sanskrit language that is also notably put in the Indo-European language family’s Indo-Aryan branch.

National Language Nepal symbols – Nepali Language

National Color of Nepal – Crimson Color

Crimson Color is the national color of Nepal. The fact that national flag, emblem, and flower of Nepal have the same color.

National Dress of Nepal – Daura Suruwal & Gunyo Cholo

The Daura Suruwal is the Nepal national dress of men and Gunyo Cholo is for women. During 19th century, the coat in this Nepali costume is added by Junga Bahadur Rana who is the P.M that time.

In this day and age, the national dress of Nepal, Daura Suruwal has still remained some religious belifs. There are 8 strings on the Daura which refers the lucky number regarding to Mythology. Also, the Daura has 5 pleats considered as the Pancha Ratna.

National Dress of Nepal

The snake is signifies on the closed neck size as the Lord Shiva wore. The attire is beautiful religious myths and worn by a host of Nepali dwellers. During religious occasions, Nepal government events or special celebration, wearing the Daura Suruwal is prevalent.

National Food of Nepal – Dal Bhat & Gundruk

Dal Bhat & Gundruk are the national foods of Nepal. Dal Bhat is very prevalent and can be found in very eateries. This meal is a combination of pulse and rice. About Gundruk, this meal is made of fermented Radish leaves and also can be found any eateries.

National Food of Nepal

The National Game of Nepal

Dandi Biyo

Have you ever heard of this name? Well, If you have not, I will tell you about it – a Nepal symbol, a national game of this country; however, it is not official.

To play the game, first of all, there must be two teams and the number of players is no problem as long as they happily get into it, then they have to decide which team will bat first. Each batsman – the player has three times to bat the biyo – a small, solid stick while it files up and tap it as many times as possible, then knock it far away by using the dandi – a bigger, strong and solid one. The game, somehow, is similar to cricket that the batsman hits the biyo and the fielders try to catch it. If they succeed, the current batsman will be out; however, if they failed, the point is calculated by the distance between the dandi and biyo.

dandi biyo - nepal national gameOne more thing, the farther the biyo is, the more points each team can earn, and if the batsman taps the biyo more than once, the points are multiple. The batsman is not allowed to the biyo at any point by hand.Well, it’s all about the symbol of Nepal, I mean, the national game that every kid in the country is really fond of, especially in the remote area.